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Fiber Roofing cc has through the past five decades become one of the biggest suppliers of CCA treated Eucalyptus Grandis poles, droppers and laths. Our roots in this industry lie in originally building some resorts, a couple of hundred thatch roofs houses, thousands of entertainment areas and even an airport or two, using Eucalyptus Grandis C.C.A. treated poles to construct the truss systems for the roofs.

Eucalyptus Grandis


Pole Structures


Fiber Roofing has over the many years developed a range of Eucalyptus Grandis C.C.A. treated fences that is supplied in container loads to many different destinations all over the globe. The fencing has become very popular and many of the most famous zoos in the US and Europe use our fences very successfully as it blends perfectly with there theming. The fences however have many different applications and the rustic finish in its three main styles appeal to many customers.

Rope Spaced Fencing

Butted Fencing

No Climb Fencing

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