Synthetic Thatch Too Avoid

Bad Thatch #1

These are thatched tiles stripped from a roof at a resort in the Maldives that has been on the roof for only 2 years.  The colour changed completely, typical of “cheap” synthetic thatch.

Its a pity the customer had to pay good money for this material only suitable for the rubbish heap.

Bad Thatch #2

Sadly,  there are literally hundreds of small extrusion companies in wanting to “make a quick buck”. The thatch roofs are on at a prestige Maldivian resort. No doubt the owners were looking for a life time roofing solution but will not get another 5 ears without replacing the thatch.

Bad Thatch #3

The roof in Hulhumale are the best sales aid to Fiber Thatch. One look at the Chinese thatched roofs and the Fiber Thatch are sold! Even more sad is the fact the difference in prices is so little.